JD Caudill (they/them) is a director, music director, and performer. They have directed for over fifteen companies in Chicago, including Broken Nose Theatre, The New Colony, Haven Theatre, Stage Left, 16th Street Theatre, The Runaways Lab Theatre, New American Folk Theatre, Red Theatre, and Hobo Junction. Their music direction has been heard at Hell in a Handbag Productions and Pride Films and Plays, and they have performed onstage with The New Colony, Hell in a Handbag, Interrobang Theatre, New American Folk Theatre, Forks and Hope, and Hobo Junction. They are a company member of Hell in a Handbag Productions, and the former Marketing Director of Haven Theatre.


Bechdel Fest 6: Revolution (“Goldstar”)
Bechdel Fest 5: Identity Crisis (“Exposure”)
At The Table
 Summer Remount (Assistant Director)
Bechdel Fest 4: Boiling Point (“Tuesday”)