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Plainclothes   ,  2018. Written by Spenser Davis, directed by Kanome Jones & Spenser Davis. (Austin D. Oie)

Plainclothes, 2018. Written by Spenser Davis, directed by Kanome Jones & Spenser Davis. (Austin D. Oie)

Broken Nose Theatre is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, and ticket sales only account for about 50% of our annual operation budget. Even still, we are able to stage quality productions — and through our Pay-What-You-Can ticketing model, allowing patrons to set their own price — through the support of donors like you! If you would like to learn more about how to support BNT, please contact our Managing Director Rose Hamill at

We would like to take this opportunity to gratefully acknowledge the individual donors who have helped make this last year of economically accessible theatre possible:

Echaka Agba // Allison Bacon // Jennifer Baird // Michael Bauschelt // Jessie Bond // Benjamin Brownson // Jeannette & Jonathan Brownson // Carol Davis // Elise Marie Davis // Spenser Davis // Kenneth East // Milton Esbitt // Martin Frank // Robert Frankel // Nicole Gorski // Deborah Granite // Mitchell K Greenwald // Anette Guzman // Rose Hamill // Martin Hanna // Lois & James Hobart // Ruth Johnston // Masahiro Kasai // Joyce E. Keough // Jean Marie & Robert Koon // Tom Lembo // Nancy Lischer // Gregory Livelsberger // Sean Livelsberger // Horace Lottero // Miles A. Mabry // Allyson Metcalf // Elizabeth Meyer // Matthew Mirapaul // Stephanie Monday // Gregory Mooney // Nick Obis // Sue & Bill Ognacevic // James Mark Pellegrino // Marianne Philbin // Jen Poulin // Maureen & Eugene Poulin // Sendhil Revuluri // Lowell Sachnoff // Carlie Schaeffer // Jamie Schaeffer // Mary Schaeffer // Karen Schneider // Susan & Brad Schulman // Norman Sloan // Kelly Smith // Carolyn Soule // Audrey & Martin Spoerlein // Richard & Elaine Tinberg // Sam Tucker // Mary & Rich Veed // Becky Veloz // David Weiss // Deborah Weiss // Kay & Steven Weiss // Sarah G Weiss // Noah White // Matilda Wilhoite // Bryce Wiseman

Donor Levels

Street-level Citizens
(up to $99)

Thank You in all season programs

Rooftop Residents
($500 - 999)

Optional post-show discussion with company members and/or production artistic team, a poster from the Broken Nose season and a collection of character postcards, Thank You listing on our website, plus the above

Lakefront Locals
($100 - 499)

Reserved seating at all Broken Nose Theatre performances, invitations to special events and programs, plus the above

Skyline Supporters
($1,000 - 4,999)

Invitation to a rehearsal/run of the show before previews, special “Thank You” shoutout on social media, plus the above

Season Sponsorships ($5,000+)

Customized benefits and recognition, matched to your interests

Please contact our Managing Director Rose Hamill at for more information on how YOU can become a BNT supporter today!