Drinks All ‘Round!

We had an absolute blast celebrating the launch of our eighth season at DRINK WHAT YOU CAN, hosted at Marty’s Martini Bar. It was our most successful partnership with them so far, and it was so wonderful seeing so many familiar faces! Until next year!


Sold-Out Fest!

BECHDEL FEST 7: MOMENTUM was hosted yet again by the team at Steppenwolf Theatre’s LookOut Series… and all four nights were packed to the brim. We’re so grateful to the artists, audiences, and supporters from afar who made this year’s fest another sold-out success!



We received 3 trophies at this year’s Joseph Jefferson Award: Best Ensemble of the Year for PLAINCLOTHES, and both Best Featured Performance (August N. Forman) and Fight Choreography (John Tovar) for GIRL IN THE RED CORNER. We’re so appreciative of the recognition!

Broken Nose Theatre really is redefining the storefront aesthetic in this city...
— Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

Who is Broken Nose Theatre?

We are a Pay-What-You-Can theatre company, promoting economic accessibility in the arts by allowing our patrons to set their own ticket price. The 2018 recipient of the Emerging Theater Award (given by Broadway in Chicago and the League of Chicago Theatres, and voted on by our peers), we develop and produce new works that seek to cultivate empathy, spark conversation, and amplify underrepresented voices. We’re humbled to have received numerous honors in our brief history, including the Joseph Jefferson Best Ensemble Award two times in the past three years (Plainclothes, 2019; At The Table, 2017).

Why Are We Pay-What-You-Can?

Accessibility has always been one of our key values…

… but in the Summer of 2015, near the end of our third season, we began to wonder: What if we took our accessibility initiative one step further? What if it began the moment you walked up to the box office?

That is when we decided that, beginning with Season 4, we would become one of Chicago’s entirely Pay-What-You-Can theatre companies. By adopting an PWYC model, we were allowing our patrons to set their own ticket price, kicking the doors wide open and removing the barrier that a set admissions fee can be for some many who wish to experience live theater.

At Broken Nose Theatre, we place the reins in your hands. Any ticket. Any price.

We look forward to seeing you at the theater!

Girl in the Red Corner  , 2019. Written by Stephen Spotswood, directed by Elizabeth Laidlaw. (Austin D. Oie)

Girl in the Red Corner, 2019. Written by Stephen Spotswood, directed by Elizabeth Laidlaw. (Austin D. Oie)